Doctor of Marriage & 家庭治疗

"The DMFT Program offers a variety of ways for students to specialize within internships to learn new skills to take them into the next level of their career, including grant writing, 监督, managing a private practice or clinic, or teaching in a university." - Dr. Susan Hastings, DMFT Program Director

Hope International University’s Doctor of Marriage and 家庭治疗 provides a challenging but rewarding program in which the curriculum will produce strong clinicians and equip students to connect original research to advance the field. In addition to academic course requirements, students engage in community-based clinical training sites where they participate in real-world experiences with a diverse clientele. DMFT students will also complete an internship for their chosen specialty as well as a dissertation.


  • Students will be able to demonstrate essential knowledge of systemic theory and the principles of marriage and family therapy, related to clinical case conceptualization, 诊断, 干预, and the use of community mental health resources and, to write and articulate their personal theoretical model for therapy.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate skills that reflect high standards of professionalism and commitment to ethical and professional behavior consistent with the standards of marriage and family therapy and Christian principles.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate clinical skill and the ability to apply effective therapeutic techniques to meet the diverse needs of individuals, couples and families.
  • Students will be able to conduct and evaluate research to ensure high standards of therapeutic application and contribute to the field of marriage and family therapy.


  • A perfect balance of academic scholarship and hands-on experience
  • Top-notch educators with extensive expertise and real-world experience
  • 挣个M.A. 在婚姻中 & 家庭治疗 along the way
  • Increase marketability, career opportunities, and earning potential

The DMFT builds on the excellent reputation of HIU’s COAMFTE Approved Master of Arts 在婚姻中 and 家庭治疗.

Real World Opportunities

The new Doctor of Marriage and 家庭治疗 at Hope International University will prepare students with comprehensive, 广泛的, advanced understanding of the field and provide additional opportunities in the field.  

With a Doctorate 在婚姻中 & 家庭治疗 (DMFT), you can pursue career paths that branch out beyond what a Master's degree alone might afford. Not only will you engage in clinical work, but you will also discover opportunities in higher education and administration that will take your career to a whole new level. Students enrolled in HIU's DMFT program earn their M.A. 在婚姻中 & 家庭治疗 along the way, allowing them to begin earning income with clinical work while completinng the requirements for the doctorate degree.

The job market for mental health clinicians is projected to see a 23% increase over the next five years Don't miss this opportunity to advance your chosen career!

Does HIU have an On-Site Counseling Center?

是的, Hope Counseling Center (HCC) offers counseling services for Hope students, faculty, staff, and the local community. The HCC is a convenient location for many of our DMFT students to gain clinical training hours.